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The Skyword Story

One day a few years ago, a light bulb went off in a conference room in Cincinnati. Skyword founder Tom Gerace realized the world had shifted: People were gathering information primarily through Internet search and social media, rather than the morning paper or the evening news. The future of digital marketing lay in the content people were clicking on — not in ads trying to interrupt those billions of searches.

This wasn’t good news for Tom. The company he headed at the time depended on banner ads for its revenue. But looking out from the rubble, he saw massive opportunity, and Skyword was born.

It was December 2010, and banks were still going under.

Venture capitalists refused to invest. It was no time to pivot a business. But Tom and his team were convinced: If they held strong, they would emerge from that dark day with unmatchable momentum.

They did. And they were right.

Today, as more and more brands transform themselves into search destinations, Skyword is right there, leading and advising them. From our headquarters in Downtown Boston – blocks from where the Boston Tea Party occurred – we spend our days helping marketers dump old ways of thinking and lead the
enterprise forward.

Our model, built in partnership with marketers, layers in the technology and systems that allow brands to produce content at scale, together with a community of creatives that rivals any global advertising agency or media company.

How’d we do it?

Every good story turns on a shared set of values, and ours is no different. We recommend these qualities to anyone with the insight and resolve to write new chapters in their relationships
with customers:

The courage to change what you’re doing so you can capture what’s important.

Anything interesting that makes a difference in the world almost always disrupts the status quo. Don’t be afraid to do things differently. Some people will doubt you and roll their eyes. But we say, let the marketplace be your judge.

The desire to become what people love.

You’re not just a marketer — you’re a person. You enjoy real, profound moments of connection as much as anyone else. You don’t particularly like manipulating people into buying things. You’d rather speak the truth and offer them genuinely entertaining experiences.
Stay with that.

An understanding of what
it takes to tell a good story.

In the beginning, it may be hard to convince people to invest what they need to invest in order to create high-quality, original stories. But good stories don’t create themselves as quickly as a Hemingway or a Rowling can type. You get it: Bad content can be worse than
none at all.

An intelligent desire to lead and win.

Whether it’s on the shuffleboard table or in the boardroom, your drive to win overwhelms any fear you have about guiding your colleagues and competitors into the future. You love proving the numbers just as much as you love a great story.

A genuine desire to help.

You walk into work in the morning — maybe you had a rough night, maybe you’re exhausted. Then, you see someone who really needs something. They’re looking everywhere, but they just can’t find it. So you grab a cup of coffee and help them. You totally answer their question, solve their problem, or take their mind off of whatever they were so concerned about. That’s a good day.

Message from Tom Gerace, Skyword Founder

What makes me proud is that we have folks who are dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences that lift people up — and that we have great brands wanting to do that too, who are investing in this changed model. And we’re just getting started.”

Tom Gerace

Prior to founding Skyword, Tom launched, a demand-driven news and entertainment property reaching more than 6M people each month. Gerace also founded and served as President of Be Free, a publicly traded online marketing services company. Be Free transformed online advertising from pay-per-view (i.e. CPM Advertising, where advertisers paid a fixed fee every time their ads were shown) to pay-for-performance advertising (i.e. Cost-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Acquisition Advertising).

BeFree-operated channels often saved customers 80% of their cost of new customer acquisition when compared with other marketing methods. After Be Free¹s launch and financing, Tom served as Chief Marketing Officer through the company¹s initial public offering. As Chief Marketing Officer, he was responsible for creating new and existing products and services, mergers and acquisitions, corporate and product communications, and customer acquisition. Gerace was awarded two U.S. Patents (5,848,396 and 5,991,735) for profiling computer users and targeting advertising based on that profiling. During his tenure with the company, Be Free launched both U.S. and European operations. Be Free served more than 300 leading brands including, Citibank, eBay, AOL, Lending Tree, Bertlesmann, Time Warner, IBM, Dell, and Microsoft.

Prior to founding Be Free, Tom was a senior business analyst at the Harvard Business School. Tom received a Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies, magna cum laude, from Harvard University in 1993. Tom serves on the Board of Advisors for Imagitas and on the Board of Visitors for the Fenway Community Health Center. He is also a director of The Open Gate Foundation.