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At Skyword, we use the power and richness of storytelling
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Why Skyword

Stories are what elevate our conversation to make it truly human, helping us understand the vast scope of the world and the intricate nature of our lives. At Skyword, we use the power and richness of storytelling to help brands connect with real people.

After all, people have gotten pretty good at avoiding advertising. For marketers, authentic connection with audiences means giving them content they love, and getting out of the way so they can love it. In other words: fewer ads, more stories.

And behind the scenes, we at Skyword are already living the culture we’re devoted to building: one where revolutionary ideas are welcome, collaboration is democratic, and information is easy to access and share.

Won’t you join us?

Our Vision

We are agents of change leading a vanguard of brand storytellers. Through best-in-class technology and services we are helping enterprise brands tell epic marketing tales.

Our goal is to inspire people with master storytelling and the technology to illuminate it. Where these two things meet, visionary marketing happens. Achieving our vision globally means investigating what moves people to act, seeking out bright shiny talent, creating the tools to scale effective storytelling, and delivering beyond the expectations of our clients and talented community.

We embrace an open creative ecosystem—a democratic environment where crazy new ideas are celebrated and explored. Yes, we work hard, but if we’re not inspired and enjoying it, it’s not worth it.

Our Values

We respect

“Nobody is the smartest guy in the room at Skyword; people of all levels take your suggestions and feedback seriously (even more than their own).”

— Peter

We Innovate

“Working at Skyword is a continual learning experience. Day to day, month to month, year to year, I find myself always learning, growing, and adapting.”

— Dave

We stick together

“At Skyword, you’re surrounded by incredibly smart people working together to solve problems and break through obstacles. This is the one place I’ve worked where the values are truly embodied by each employee.”

— Joe

We question the status quo

“I like the amount of cultural diversity here; everyone brings a different perspective. I can be talking to friends about camping one minute and the next be engrossed in a debate about artificial intelligence. I love that about Skyword!”

— Rich

We work smart

“With an open office environment, it’s hard not to bond with your team members, and the result is honest communication that results in better work for clients.”

— Paula

The Teams

Content Services—Editorial

Skyword’s Content Services team members come from a breadth of solid editorial backgrounds and they all have one thing in common: a passion for good storytelling. They work closely with contributors to make sure that content doesn’t just meet the client expectations, assignment briefs, and brand guidelines—but actually tells great stories.


Were you one of those kids who was always exaggerating what really happened to make for a better story? We look for marketing pros who have carried a love of storytelling throughout their lives and careers, and who embrace new media as the perfect platform to spin ever-better tales, ready to lead the new class of smarter marketing.

Content Services—Accounts

Skyword Account teams are driving a culture of change in content marketing, working with our clients to bring best-in-class multichannel storytelling to life within their organizations. They weave together the capabilities of our global contributor network with seamless technology and inspired client relations.


Our Sales team is charged with challenging the old marketing status quo in a collaborative way, using the invaluable skills of curiosity and imagination to develop custom partnerships that turn clients into heroes. We aren’t just asking you to innovate sales for Skyword, but for the whole industry. Are you up for the challenge?


In a technology world that changes at a dizzying pace, our Technology team is brilliant at adaptation, always ready to meet the demands and advancements of an evolving marketplace. We look for highly skilled developers, technical support, and client support team members to help us stay ahead of the technology curve.

General & Administrative

General & Administrative is arguably the most important aspect of any organization. After all, we can’t change the world without the people that keep our operation intact. Our stalwart team of Human Resources, Finance, and Operations professionals help us attract and retain a brilliant creative workforce, make sure our money adds up, and create a world-class physical environment we can all dream big within.

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Life at Skyword

Who We Look For

How do we like our employees? Empowered. Tenacious. Maybe a little scrappy. Bold enough to act now and ask for permission later. Kindhearted. Hardworking. And, of course, passionate about driving the future of content creation. At Skyword, we’re disrupting things in a major way and reorganizing the marketing world so it works better.

It’s exciting—and challenging. We can’t promise you’ll always succeed, but we can say this: very few workplaces offer such a broad canvas on which to work and play.

The Real Opportunity at Skyword

We want you to feel good about the work you do. We promote collaboration through our open workspaces and team-based projects that allow us to find better solutions for our clients and innovate faster. We encourage idea sharing, equal participation, and open communication, because in the end, we believe that the whole is the sum of its parts—and that’s what makes for happy, fulfilled teams.

Learning & Development

Our education programs invest in our greatest asset: our employees. Whether you are hoping to improve your management and leadership skills, take a technology class, go deeper with our platform, or get consulting help, we have the resources to make it happen. Our team members are the heart and soul of Skyword. They make us successful every single day.

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