Enterprise content operations at scale. Customer experiences that elevate your brand and delight your customers.

Enterprise content operations at scale. Customer experiences that elevate your brand and delight your customers.

What is Skyword360?

Skyword360 offers marketers a connected platform for managing content strategy and operations at scale. Orchestrate customer relationships that go beyond products and services, with content that underscores your brand at every touchpoint.

Offering 360-degree views of the entire enterprise, Skyword360 is the only content marketing platform that combines enterprise-wide visibility and planning with original content creation, distribution, and optimization.

Now, you can fuel marketing across channels, divisions, regions, and countries with a consistent, relevant brand story. Consolidate content marketing software across your organization to create unique, synchronized customer experiences that drive measurable results.


Define a Strategy with Customers at the Center

Many different audiences with different needs and motivations interact with your brand every day, in many different ways. With Skyword360, you can pull all that together into a single, organized content strategy and make sure everyone, from your CMO to your contributors, understands and follows it.
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Plan Content Across Your Enterprise

The Skyword Enterprise Planner offers a unified view of content and marketing activities across your entire company. With customized views across divisions, regions, and campaigns, you can align all content planning, creation, and distribution with your overall marketing objectives.
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Drill into Your Editorial Calendar

The Editorial Calendar in Skyword360 provides your marketing team with a comprehensive look into a specific channel’s content calendar. That way, you can ensure production efforts are on track and content is publishing according to plan.
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Find and Manage Creative Talent

You can hire freelance writers and content creators by putting out a job listing and wading through the responses—or you can put Skyword360 to work and quickly identify the perfect fit. Our international pool of writers, photographers, designers, and videographers is deep and wide, and Skyword360 provides the tools to seamlessly manage it all.
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Build an Idea Machine

Skyword Ideation Management is technology-enabled collaboration that harnesses the collective brain power you have at your disposal and turns it into content ideas that resonate with your audience.
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Set Quality and SEO Standards—and Keep Them

Skyword360 helps your content creators evaluate their work according to your quality and SEO standards. SEO tools are built into the platform, including keyword optimization, spelling and grammar, readability scores, and similar or duplicate content detection alerts.
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Make Review and Editing Easy

Get content exactly right, with content editing and review tools that help keep the lines of communication wide open. With Skyword360, you can respond to work in progress in the most logical ways, have discussions about it, and send it out to clients or external partners for review.
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Build Workflows that Work

Content marketing project management can be a challenge, but that’s one big reason we created Skyword360. The technology is designed to work the way you need it to work—so you can focus your attention on the content, rather than on the content approval workflow.
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Manage Your Digital Assets

The best marketers are as much librarian as storyteller, gathering and organizing articles, photos, video footage, eBooks, and infographics so they’re up-to-date and ready for discovery. Skyword Digital Asset Manager is a powerful, scalable, secure infrastructure for making all your assets available to everyone on your content team.
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Social Media Publishing

Your content performance is only as good as your distribution strategy, and social channels play a major role in helping you meet targets and reach audiences. With Skyword360, you can fully integrate a long-term social media publishing plan into content operations.
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Simplify Content Publishing and Delivery

Skyword360’s content delivery options make it simple to integrate content creation with your content management system. Publish directly to your website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, or email marketing platform with one-button-click ease.
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Get Personal and Stay Engaged

With Skyword Personalized Recommendations, you can deliver on-site and email recommendations for specific individuals. Skyword’s deep learning and predictive technology help you build an audience through sustained publishing of original content, and increase engagement with that audience by recommending other stories that are relevant to their interests.


Prove Content Marketing ROI

To build an effective content program, you need marketing analytics that help you understand how each decision you make is working (or not), and why. Skyword360 offers both bird’s-eye and drill-down access to the content marketing metrics you need to build, manage, and evaluate your program.
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Gather All Your Metrics in One Place

Now, you can integrate your enterprise Google Analytics account into Skyword360, with Skyword Analytics + GA. Combine the reach, engagement, acquisition, and conversion metrics from Google Analytics with Skyword360’s social, storyteller, and story performance metrics.
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Sync Your Content with Sales Goals

Telling the story of how your content resonates with leads can be difficult, if you don’t have good data to back up your assertions. Now, you can own all your audience intelligence on one dashboard that combines Skyword360’s metrics with lead analysis reports from Marketo.
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Enterprise Dashboard

Reach your audience with a solid content distribution strategy. From Skyword360 you can publish content to various social media platforms. You can also promote and track content performance directly from Skyword360, so everything stays in one place.
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