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The best creatives pick up on directional cues and brand principles in sensitive and insightful ways, delivering content that exceeds expectation and delights its intended audience from the very first draft. But even the most intrepid mind-reader knows that ideas can evolve. Some projects begin with clear, up-front direction, while others proceed in an iterative progression. Open communication during the content editing and review process is essential to getting a piece exactly right.

For that reason, we built content collaboration tools that exceed expectations and delight their intended audience—your content marketing team. With Skyword360, you can keep content versions under control, respond to work in progress in the most logical ways, have discussions about it, and send it out to clients or external partners for review.

Skyword’s content editing and review tools: Helping you get content collaboration right

Include that guy in Legal who doesn’t have time to log into Skyword360.

Not everyone on your content team may require full access to Skyword360. Legal professionals, branding experts, or external partners may need to view content infrequently, without any fuss over login access. Skyword360’s external review feature lets you easily include them in the review process.

When you enable external review for your program, Skyword360 notifies external reviewers via email when content is ready for their review—or you can share links yourself via email, instant message, or another project management application. Reviewers then simply click on the link, review the content, comment at will, click the Mark as Reviewed button, and get back to their regular schedule.

Keep project discussion where it belongs—with the project.

Remember the old days, when you had a gazillion emails coming at you from every direction, all asking about different projects? Hmm. Maybe those days aren’t purely historical yet, eh?

Skyword360’s discussions feature keeps all communication about each project or campaign together within the platform, so you never have to worry about wading through your inbox. And you get a permanent record of all the information that was exchanged about each project or campaign. Collaborators can start new discussions from assignment, RFP, content review, or approval pages, and Skyword360 will email the rest of the team to let them know.

Communicate in context.

Can you imagine collaborating on content without being able to highlight important details within images and visual content or pinpoint blocks of text and comment on those passages? We can’t. Skyword360’s inline commenting feature allows content teams to communicate with each other effortlessly. Contributors can ask questions, clarify direction, and confirm changes. Editors can request edits, ask questions, and make suggestions. It all stays in Skyword360.

Go back in time, whenever you need to.

Have you ever gotten to the end of a content review process and realized that something someone deleted two versions ago needs to be reinstated, ASAP? Or been tasked with updating a piece published a year ago? Skyword360 lets you merge those two objectives seamlessly.

With Skyword360’s simple content versioning feature, you can easily pull up the full history of any piece of content–whether currently in review or published.

You can compare side-by-side versions of a content item to see changes that were made during different stages of the revision process, and never be confused about which is which. The left panel displays the latest version, with color-coded additions and deletions highlighted. On the right, you see whichever previous version you’ve chosen. You can change the version displayed in either pane from a drop-down menu, or navigate with arrow buttons.

Worried about sharing sensitive information with contributors? Skyword360 automatically limits access to versions that contain internal reviews, while site owners and program staff can always see all the versions. Yes, we thought of everything.

Timestamp your video discussions.

Skyword360 brings video collaboration out of the video editing room and into the global realm. After a video has been uploaded to the platform, reviewers can watch it from their own corner of the world and provide feedback on the entire thing—or they can stop the video and post timestamp comments in response to specific scenes. No more prefacing comments with, “You know the scene where … ?”

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