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How quickly can you publish content after it’s created and approved? The answer to that question can make all the difference in how that content is received. Skyword360’s content delivery options make it simple to integrate content creation with your content management system. Publish directly to your website, YouTube channel, or email marketing platform with one-button-click ease.

Publish to your content management system. With Skyword360, it’s as easy as hitting a button.

Automatic WordPress publishing.

Skyword360’s WordPress plugin allows you to create an end-to-end content delivery solution for your WordPress-powered website. Just install the plugin, and every time you hit the Publish button in Skyword360, the approved content appears on your WordPress site. No copy-and-paste. No messing around with messed-up layouts. Just great content out there for the world to see.

Automatic Drupal publishing.

We’re big fans of Drupal, the open-source content management software used in many websites and apps today. Skyword360’s module for Drupal provides easy integration between Skyword360 and any Drupal website. Once you click Publish, your approved content shows up on your site. No more waiting for someone to make the time in their day to go through some kind of publishing workflow.

Adobe Experience Manager integration.

If you use Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as your enterprise content management system, you can now configure a Skyword service to check for new, approved content in Skyword360 and copy it into an AEM content folder. The service then sends a publish notification to alert Skyword360 to remove the content from the feed of items available for publishing.

Keep up with the latest publishing options, including API features.

Publishing should never be an obstacle to getting your content seen. At Skyword, we pride ourselves on keeping up with all the latest content delivery systems our customers use, and integrating them with Skyword360 as quickly as possible. Beyond the three systems listed above, your Skyword360 site integration options also include AtomPub, MetaWeblog, or an XML Feed. You can also publish directly to social channels through our Social Media Publishing feature, to your Marketo email marketing campaign, or to a YouTube channel.

Skyword360 also provides content in HTML if you prefer to copy and paste content into your website or content management system. Or you can export approved content from Skyword360 to CSV files. If you use Skyword360 to create product descriptions, you may find this feature useful as a simple way to enter many records into your system at once.

If your organization uses API features in WordPress, Drupal, MetaWeblog, or AtomPub, you can use Skyword360’s API testing tool to verify that your API configurations are working correctly. The world is changing quickly, and we’re right there with it.

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