Gather All Your Metrics in One Place

Still struggling to assemble the right data to communicate the progress of your content marketing program? Now, you can integrate your enterprise Google Analytics account into Skyword360, with Skyword Analytics + GA.

Combine the reach, engagement, acquisition, and conversion metrics from Google Analytics with Skyword’s social, storyteller, and story performance metrics. View it all together, so you can create a complete narrative around how your team is building and engaging audiences for your brand.

Skyword Analytics + Google Analytics: All your critical metrics, in one place

Get to the heart of audience engagement.

Which stories generate the most excitement from your viewers? Where do they linger? What makes them leave, and what triggers their return? Engagement data helps you get into the heads of your audience, so you can understand what they’re looking for and how they prefer to interact with your brand.

We’ve condensed all these metrics into one panel, so that you can easily track average time on page, page views, bounces, and exits. When you have Google Analytics reporting enabled for your program, you can also see engagement details for individual content items.

Measure the impact of your efforts.

Engagement is all well and good, but what happens after someone views your content? Do they investigate your website further? How long do they spend there? Now, it’s easy to find out which stories are the most effective in drawing new eyes to your web pages.

The Skyword Analytics + GA Acquisition report tells you how many of your website visitors come from written content created within Skyword360, how many of them are first-time visitors, and what percentage of those new visitors come from your Skyword content. Find out how many of them read your content and then leave right away, the average number of pages they view when they stay, and how long they stay, on average.

With GA enabled, you can see all those metrics for individual content items, as well. Share acquisition reports with stakeholders, partners, and contributors when it makes sense. Demonstrate the impact your program is having on the customer journey, or help contributors understand where and how their work is having an impact.

Assign website goals. Calculate content value.

Every story you publish is a drop pin on your audience’s journey to learn more about your organization. Are your stories compelling them to request product demos? Sign up for newsletters? Subscribe to your blog? With Skyword Analytics + GA, you can build calls to action into your content, and measure its performance according to how well it compels visitors to complete those goals.

The Goal Conversion report shows how your content performs as the first touch point for conversions. View summary data on how overall website objectives are being met by visitors engaging with content created within Skyword360, and see which content items have the highest goal completion rate. You can also assign a monetary value to each goal, to easily calculate the value of your program.

Drill down to see the same data for individual content items. Content marketing analytics just got a lot simpler.

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