Build an Idea Machine

Where do your content marketing ideas come from? If you’re like most of our clients, they come from the constellation of creative voices that you have assembled on your content team—not from some genius in a corner office. Skyword360 helps you gather all those ideas, nurture and refine them, and turn them into full-fledged assignments.
Skyword Ideation Management is technology-enabled collaboration that harnesses the collective brain power you have at your disposal and turns it into content ideas that resonate with your audience. It helps you encourage freeform thinking among your team, while securing undeveloped concepts, keeping them appropriately internal until they’re ready for the big world.

Manage Content Marketing ideas. Harness the collective brainpower of your team.

Every idea matters.

You never know where the next brilliant idea will come from. Maybe it’ll come from that writer you just hired. Maybe it’ll come from your global director. It might even come from your global director’s teenage daughter. It’s important to listen and consider every single idea, but that can be hard when your brainstorming process involves email or a mélange of external content marketing tools or spreadsheets.

Skyword Ideation Management lets contributors, program users, SMEs, and Skyword Services staff submit ideas to your program for review. Every idea follows the same basic workflow. Every idea is open to discussion. Every idea is captured.

Turning brainstorming into an organized process.

After an idea has been submitted, the fun begins. As everyone joins in the discussion, watch fledgling concepts grow, morph, and become robust enough to assign to a creative. We’ve replicated whiteboarding technology that allows you to systematize and centralize freeform discussion and idea elaboration across time zones and between departments.

Once an idea has matured to your satisfaction, it moves to the Idea Planner tab, where you can assign it a target publish month and send it through the final review phases of the workflow. By default, users in editorial roles can view and push ideas through all workflow states, while approval roles see them only after they’ve been sent for review, or once they are ready to be converted to assignments.

Assignments everyone is on board with.

Skyword Ideation Management integrates seamlessly with the Skyword Editorial Calendar, so program users with the appropriate permissions can begin scheduling ideas as soon as they are submitted. As you look ahead during the ideation phase, you can set target publishing months and begin filling out your content calendar. Even before ideas are turned into assignments, you can set submission deadlines and publishing dates.

After your team has fully expanded an idea and it’s gone through the review process, you’re ready to turn it into a full-fledged assignment. Convert an idea to an assignment at any point in the workflow after a target publishing month has been set. Send it over to your favorite creative, and your work is done. On to the next idea.

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