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Marketers don’t play guessing games anymore. To build an effective content program, you require marketing analytics that help you understand how each decision you make is working (or not), and why—so you can adjust and refine as you go. You need to be able to take those numbers to the highest levels of your organization, lay it all out, and prove your program’s value.

Skyword360 offers both bird’s-eye and drill-down access to the content marketing metrics necessary to build, manage and evaluate a content program. Those powerful reporting features within Skyword360 content marketing software help you engineer a solid and consistent brand presence in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Skyword Marketing Analytics: Know when your strategy works. Adjust, when it doesn’t.

Visibility for you—and for your contributor team.

You know you like working with that writer—but how well does her content perform, and at what cost? Those metrics, taken together with the assignments and direction she’s being given and how easy she is to work with, should govern whether or not you continue working with her.

From your Skyword360 Contributor Overview page, you can see all your active contributors at a glance. See who is generating the most page views, and how much each contributor is getting paid for her work. Drill down to see all the published pieces from each individual contributor that have received views within a selected date range.

Each writer can see her own individual report as well, which means she gets immediate feedback on how audiences are reacting to her work. It gives the two of you another way to strategize together on making that content, and the whole program, more effective.

Put your efforts where the buyers are.

Are you getting traffic from sources that matter to your bottom line? If your polar bear video is wildly popular among grandmothers, but you’re trying to reach snowboarders … your leadership team may be less than enthusiastic.

On the other hand, if your high-tech snowboards are attracting an art-dealer audience that you hadn’t considered—that’s something you might think about building on, right? Source matters, because it helps inform which channels you invest in.

With Skyword’s Channel Activity report you can track channel engagement, such as organic search, social networks, web email, paid search, display advertising, and referrals. Drill down to see the individual websites directing traffic to your content. Then, you can adjust your channel strategy to hit the mark with the people you’re trying to reach.

Refine your search strategy.

How does your website rank for the keyword search terms you’ve built into your content? With Skyword’s Keyword Rank report, you can easily gauge the effectiveness of your keyword strategy. It can also help you discover keywords you hadn’t thought of yet, and adjust your marketing strategy to the way your audience is thinking about your brand.

From this report, you can add keywords to your content program, or drill down to see where successful keywords are having the strongest effect. You can also search through all your keywords to find how specific ones rank. SEO geeks love this feature, but with this kind of built-in simplicity, even those who aren’t so geeky can get into it.

Perfect the art of pleasing an audience.

What do your customers respond to, and why? Gauging content effectiveness can be a tricky business because there are so many variables: Contributor, topic, content type, publish date, external events, image use … the list goes on. Skyword’s Categories report lets you filter results by date and type, and drill down from there

Individual content reports include all the performance data available for each content item—social reach, search terms, sources, page views, video play-throughs, view times, and more.  Compare contributor performance within a date range. Pull up social reports to see which content items generated the most social views, and how many times content in your program has been shared, liked, and viewed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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