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The best marketers are as much librarian as storyteller, gathering and organizing articles, photos, video footage, eBooks, and infographics so they’re up-to-date and ready for discovery. But proper care can sometimes take a back seat to the needs of the moment. To keep up, you need a digital asset management system as beautifully conceived as anything you’d find in the great libraries of the world.

Skyword’s Digital Asset Manager: Because great libraries inspire great work.

Collect, secure, and catalog your digital assets.

Skyword360 offers a powerful, scalable infrastructure for placing all your assets at the fingertips of everyone involved in the content creation process—while also protecting sensitive data from unauthorized eyes. Upload images, infographics, articles, and videos—in bulk or one at a time. Edit, approve, or reject assets according to current brand standards to keep everything up-to-date. Skyword Digital Asset Manager (DAM) uses the same enterprise-grade security in place throughout our platform, with two-step verification and the ability to conform with your corporate information security policies.

Great libraries offer endless stories and information in a beautifully designed, uplifting atmosphere. But without a consistent organizational system, all that potential would go unappreciated. The Skyword DAM lets you annotate and tag assets so they’re easy to find later. Enrich them with detailed information and metadata, such as title, source, date, and file type, so the right people can find and use them at the right time.

Search and find, at a moment’s notice.

No more scouring file systems for that elusive photo or eBook you know you saw once. From your Skyword DAM library, you can search for approved content and assets by category, tag, project, event, file type, status, byline, publish date, and more. You can also do keyword searches of various fields, including title, source, description, summary, or content body. Search results include summary information, but only team members with appropriate permissions can view details.

Manage your brand with permissions-based workflows.

The unfriendly and time-consuming role of brand police is nothing anyone enjoys. With Skyword Digital Asset Manager as your single source of truth, you can avoid the issue altogether. Set up permissions-based workflows to make sure every asset meets the proper criteria before it gets uploaded. Make sure the correct versions are in circulation by reviewing time-stamped files. No more begging and pleading when that colleague across the pond embeds the wrong logo on a landing page.

Make the most of your asset investments.

Duplicated efforts are out. Repurposing is in. Make the perfect image or article available, and team members can spend their time creating new content rather than searching for or recreating past projects. Easily download cataloged files and reuse them, or embed them into a content-body editor. Make the most of stock photography licenses. Scale global programs by porting stories into multiple languages so that cross-cultural teams can work with them.

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