Turn your content marketing tool into a sales strategy.

Skyword + Marketing Automation offers a deep level of visibility into audience engagement, so you can truly understand what triggers conversions. Make sure your content is resonating with the right audiences by tracking who is coming to your site, where they came from, what story piqued their interest, what types of content drive the most leads, and who keeps coming back for more.

Marketing automation helps break down the walls between sales and marketing. Synchronize marketing and sales goals, to guide content creation and score leads appropriately. Make note of the content each lead is viewing, and share it with your sales team, to help guide conversations. Foster personal relationships with leads early in the sales cycle, shortening time to conversion and turning them into loyal fans of your brand.

When you enable Marketo reporting within your Skyword360, lead acquisition metrics are added to all your Skyword Analytics pages. In addition, you can pull up overall lead activity reports for your program, or drill down to individual lead reports where you can see current and historical activity for each lead.