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It used to be enough to create content based on a persona or an ideal customer profile. Not anymore. Today’s consumers expect stories that address their specific needs and preferences. Otherwise, they’ll bounce from your site or ignore your emails. But it hasn’t been easy to personalize individuals’ experiences at scale and in real time. Until now.

Deliver personalized content on your website and in email

Increase website engagement metrics.

Implement Skyword Personalized Recommendations on your website to engage users, increase time on site, and improve conversion rates. Most people land on your site because they are searching online for a specific answer or piece of information. Skyword Personalized Recommendations helps guide these visitors to other relevant articles and content that will make their jobs easier or improve their lives. This personal interaction helps you turn a one-and-done visitor into a loyal fan.

Personalize email campaigns.

Through Skyword’s integrations with marketing automation, eCRM, and email marketing engines, you can enrich lead data with recommended content or embed recommended content directly into email campaigns.

The recommendations engine tracks leads’ website visits by linking Skyword visitor IDs. With this data, Skyword360 can personalize Skyword-created content suggestions and add them daily to the lead information in your database.


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