Skyword Content Strategy

Enterprise content strategy can be overwhelming. Many different audiences with different needs and motivations interact with your brand every day, in many different ways. With Skyword360, you can pull all that together into a single, organized content strategy and make sure everyone, from your CMO to your contributors, understands and follows it.

Define a Strategy with Customers at the Center

Map the buyer’s journey

Customers sit at the root of your content strategy. Every assignment, every creative phrase, every activation decision your content operations team makes starts with a detailed buyer persona and a comprehensive view of the customer journey.

Skyword 360 provides the templates and tools to document that journey, helping you build out persona details and map typical interactions that each audience has with the brand at each stage.

Align content with strategy and goals

Throw the spreadsheets away. After you map the buyer’s journey in Skyword360, those personas and buying stages turn into handy tags that you can put on assignments as you create content.

Then, in Skyword’s Enterprise Planner, you can filter views to quickly see how audiences and stages are distributed across all your content. Immediately grasp whether content execution is following strategy and track how well you’re reaching each persona at each stage. Or, identify gaps in your content strategy and adjust content production to fill them.

Hit the mark every time

Context is gold, when it comes to producing relevant content that gets to the heart of customer needs and motivations. The nuances that make or break a piece come from an in-depth understanding of audience and situation. With assignments that map to buyer persona and journey stages, you make sure contributors can easily reference those details, to aim the content payoff straight at each assignment’s goal.

Create Original Stories That Build Audiences

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