Skyword Enterprise Planner

How do you orchestrate a broadening global marketing strategy, while at the same time telling a cohesive and consistent brand story across multiple channels? With a content marketing platform that offers unified, enterprise-wide views of all your content and marketing activities.

Skyword’s Enterprise Planner: What you can see, you can emulate. Or fix. It’s content planning and marketing collaboration across the enterprise, made clear.

Enterprise-wide visibility

When you’re orchestrating the marketing for a large organization, you need to be able to see and manage what’s happening on the other side of the globe, as well as in the office next door. Skyword’s Enterprise Planner gives you that bird’s eye view and allows you to drill down to the details as well. See at a glance what’s happening across divisions, regions, campaigns, and channels, so you can put every piece of content to work more effectively.

Cross-team coordination

The Skyword Enterprise Planner isn’t only for those in charge—it can help everyone collaborate and coordinate their efforts, ensuring accountability throughout the company. Share best practices, topic ideas, and marketing activities among teams. Mine content for reuse or cross-channel promotion. Improve content quality across your enterprise to tell a consistent brand story and achieve your marketing objectives.

Content organization

Whether you’re looking for ideas, building a business case, or reviewing work in progress—organized, flexible views of content are essential. With the Skyword Enterprise Planner, you can view content over a week or a month by division, region, campaign, or channel. Then, filter that view by status, format, division, region, channel, or campaign. Save those customized views for yourself or your team, print them out in convenient lists, or drill down to review individual content assets.

Built-in efficiencies

Transparency is a brilliant taskmaster. When everyone can see and monitor the progress of content as it is produced, everyone is likely to do their best work—on time and on budget. With the Skyword Enterprise Planner, you can easily drill into the details to identify missed deadlines or potential bottlenecks. Or, you can go to monthly views to quickly measure content performance against production goals. With one central location for managing global marketing efforts, it’s easy to see where you should focus more resources and where you can cut costs and reduce redundancy.

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