Social Media Publishing

Your content performance is only as good as your distribution strategy, and social channels play a major role in helping you meet targets and reach particular audiences. With Skyword360, you can fully integrate a long-term social media publishing plan into content operations.

Merge content and social

Still hoping the social team is on board with your content vision? Hope no more. With Skyword360, you can move on to planning, tracking, and assigning workflows. We’ve consolidated multiple marketing platforms into one, so all your teams can communicate seamlessly and support one another fully.

Now, amplification is part and parcel of content publication. Social media scheduling is no longer a guessing game. You can post content to social channels ad hoc or schedule it in advance.

Distribution channels, in lock-step

Make sure your social strategy aligns with and supports all your distribution channels. Customize efficient, manageable workflows that support your brand strategy, and strategically reactivate seasonal or evergreen pieces to get even more return on your content investments.

With Skyword360, you can also take advantage of the social influencers on your creative team. Have them publish social posts to go along with the content they create. They’ll thank you for helping them prove the value of their work.

Magnify the benefits

As you combine social content creation with your overall marketing strategy in Skyword360, you magnify the benefits of the platform. Pull up filterable, birds-eye or drilled-down views of your social channels in the Enterprise Planner, to make sure your teams are executing according to plan. Use the Digital Asset Manager to find assets to reference, use, or reuse in social posts.

It’s all about having one vision, one team, and one place to manage an integrated marketing strategy.

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