Get Ready for Storynomics™ this Fall!

Skyword and Robert McKee Join Forces to Bring Story to Business Leaders

September 27, 2017 – The Loreto Theater – New York City, NY

October 11, 2017 – Venue TBD – San Francisco, CA

Storynomics is returning this fall ⎯ just 3 months away! ⎯ to New York City before making its way to San Francisco! We’ll be welcoming a diverse audience of professionals from around the country to join us in learning the value of applying story craft to business. The Storynomics™ Seminar is designed to educate business executives and marketing leaders about how to apply storytelling and marketing innovation’s dynamic partnership to their business in order to drive revenue, margins, and brand loyalty. In an increasingly ad-free world, it is crucial that brands stop interrupting what people love and, instead, become what they love. Storynomics™ will teach you how.

Guests will hear from Robert McKee, Fulbright scholar and sought after screenwriting lecturer, and Tom Gerace, Founder & CEO of Skyword, a leading content marketing technology and services company. Throughout the last 30 years Robert McKee has dedicated himself to educating and mentoring more than 100,000 writers, producers, media professionals, and business leaders, offering international seminars and publishing several works to provide a comprehensive narrative on the use of story in business. Under the leadership of Tom Gerace, Skyword has successfully liberated brands from ineffective marketing practices and has inspired them to create deeper connections with their audiences through storytelling. Both storytelling pioneers, Robert and Tom have partnered to make Storynomics™ a unique learning experience that will help move you and your organization forward.  

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