Skyword Video

Because your audience wants to watch and listen.

Quality video production can be difficult and expensive, but for today’s brand storyteller, video is no longer optional. By 2021, video will make up 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic. In 2015 alone, audiences spent an average 40 hours/week watching video in front of screens of all sizes. In 2016, video accounted for 73 percent of traffic. Today, a video on your landing page means visitors engage more and stay longer.

Skyword360 can help you simplify and scale quality video production.

Here’s How It Works


What does your audience need from you?

How can video offer that to them? Emotional links between your brand and your audience may not be evident right away, but the success of your video content marketing program depends on them. Before we dive into preproduction on your first video, our services team takes you through a process of discovery designed to bring your audience – and your brand – into focus. Together, we assemble strategy, vision, and a creative brief designed to nurture and direct the production process.


Video is complicated.

One two- to three-minute clip requires script writers, editors, set designers, actors, animators, sound technicians, and more. Getting all those people to work together efficiently and effectively can be challenging, and unless you’re in the business of making movies, how do you even put a team together? With Skyword, you can push your creative brief live to video professionals in our global network and request bids before you choose your team, or browse our diverse library of talented contributors and contact them directly. Our services team can also help you identify the best talent for the job. Skyword video creatives are experienced professionals, and they’re also great people to work with. We wouldn’t include them in our network if they weren’t.


One video does not a content marketing program make.

For your brand story to have a prevailing effect on the market, you must produce video consistently, at scale, and within a manageable budget. That requires a combination of savvy project managers and powerful technology. Skyword360 offers a single, unified space where your team can communicate and collaborate. From here, you can manage video content seamlessly from vision, to detailed (timestamped) rough cut review, to publishing and measurement. Our services team can help support you in the process, whether you are producing animation, developing training videos, or reworking old content for new global audiences.


Will your video go viral?

Will your message resonate so well that audiences come flocking for more? That’s the goal, but one thing’s for certain: Even the most compelling video content has no chance unless customers find it at the right moment and can play it on their devices. We want to make sure your message is as visible as possible. You can download your video from the Skyword360 and publish it to Kaltura, YouTube, or whatever platform you prefer. Many customers choose to host their content on our platform, where they can manage their entire video treasury, keep track of important metrics, and use the results to plan their next moving story.

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