Message from Tom Gerace, CEO

October 1, 2014

Skyword recently made a serious error for one of our clients in the political advocacy space, and we apologize.

As stated below, we mistakenly contacted five journalists who cover politics, asking them to write articles that would appear on our client’s blog. Our team did not realize the conflict that this would cause for these individuals.

The mistake, though unintentional, was unacceptable, and we are taking it with utmost seriousness. Our client decided to part ways with us, and we understand that decision. We are known for our absolute professionalism and share the disappointment in this isolated event.

Any assertion that we deliberately attempted to undermine the ethics of these journalists is simply not true. Skyword is presently engaged in refreshing our standards of writer recruitment with all employees to ensure compliance with our professional and ethical obligations.

Message from Tom Gerace, CEO – September 26, 2014

Our Work With Grow Missouri

Grow Missouri seeks to educate Missouri voters on opportunities for tax reform. Their goal is to help create sensible tax policy that will allow Missouri to invest wisely in education, infrastructure, and healthcare.

Skyword was engaged by a vendor on behalf of Grow Missouri, as part of their educational work, to create a content marketing program that will inform Missouri voters about the issues they will decide. Skyword works with thousands of exceptional freelance writers and videographers to create content for brands, media companies, not-for-profits, and, more recently, political advocacy organizations (on both sides of the aisle). When our work requires specific domain knowledge, we often reach out to writers outside our freelance network to be certain we can serve our clients well.

As part of our work with Grow Missouri, we are contacting thoughtful, talented Missouri writers who are familiar with public policy in the state and how that policy impacts Missouri families. Today, as part of that outreach, a member of the Skyword recruitment team reached out to nine writers who had experience relevant to our client to assess their interest in participating in the program. Grow Missouri did not participate in the selection, vetting, approval or outreach to these writers.

In an oversight, five of the writers that we contacted were news reporters that may cover Missouri politics. Going forward, we have amended our recruitment process for advocacy organizations to ensure we do not reach out to prospective writers who may be covering our clients’ work.